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Design your solar home in four simple steps.

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A beaming sun

Analyze your roof and discover your solar savings potential.

A beaming sun and a battery

A battery solution maximizes your savings potential and helps you power through outages.

Design your solar home in four simple steps.

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Check your roof

Your roof is a great fit for solar

Enter your address and we’ll begin analyzing the solar potential of your roof.

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To improve your estimate, let’s add your usage details.


Estimate your usage

Estimating your average monthly electricity bill will give us a better idea of your potential savings.

Add your utility company

Enter your utility company to complete your savings calculation.

Customize your installation

System size  kW
With solar

Your fixed monthly cost
for 25 years will be

*Monthly payment estimate assuming tax credit is paid back into the loan before month 18.
Without solar

Your ongoing utility
cost today is
Your ongoing utility cost
in years will be

*Monthly payment estimate assuming a 6% rise in cost of energy per year.

Customize your battery

Did you know your solar system needs a battery to keep your home powered up during outages? Choose between daytime backup or multi-day capacity.

Battery payment


No backup Two batteries / 10 kWh Four batteries / 20 kWh

*Monthly payment estimate assuming tax credit is paid back into the loan before month 18

How much backup is right for you?

Daytime, 12-hour backup

Daytime backup from 8 AM to 8 PM so you can utilize your solar array during the day and battery supports loads for limited time during the evening.

24 hour backup with multi-day capacity

Power through multi-day outages as solar powers your home during the day and battery powers it at night.

Warranty, guarantee, and maintenance

We stand behind our work. Your solar installation comes with industry-leading 25-year warranties on equipment and workmanship, as well as a 25-year production guarantee.

A badge reading 25 years.

Finance your investment

We track multiple financial institutions to find the most competitive loans available. Lowest monthly cost or lowest total cost? It’s your choice.

Traditional Loan Express Loan On Bill Cash

30 year/3.99% 20 year/7.99% 10 year/0.99% Single payment

Solar array


Solar battery


Additional system components

Which financing option is best?

Your ideal financing solution depends on your specific needs. Our team of solar advisors can work with you to identify the benefits that give you the best advantage.

Traditional Loan

Traditional loans have the lowest interest rate and the lowest monthly payment. This loan does include financing costs (commonly known as dealer fee) built into the loan. This loan is typically recommended for homeowners who are looking to purchase solar at the lowest monthly cost.

Express Loan

This type of loan has $0 financing cost / dealer fees associated with it. This loan is recommended for homeowners that would like to pay the loan off early by making extra payments, as there are no prepayment penalties.

On Bill

This loan is backed by your local utility company and is repaid through your utility bill. This is recommended for homeowners who have at least 12 months of payment history with their utility and are looking to pay the loan off in 10 years.

Save your solar design

* Monthly payment amounts are estimated, actual payment amounts will be determined by the financing lender.

** Investment Tax Credit is an estimated amount. As the purchaser and owner of a solar photovoltaic system, you may qualify for certain federal, state, local or other rebates, tax credits or incentives (collectively, "Incentives"). If you have any questions as to whether and when you qualify for any Incentives and the amount of such Incentives, please consult and discuss with your personal tax or financial adviser. Atma Energy, LLC and its financing partners make no representation, warranty or guaranty as to the availability or amount of such incentives.

Solar design saved

Need expert advice?

If you’re feeling stuck, our solar advisors can answer all your questions and help you maximize your savings.