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Meet the pioneers behind our solar journey.

Supratim Srinivasan


Supratim Srinivasan is paving the path to a brighter future through Atma Energy. He began his renewable energy journey while earning his Bachelor’s in Engineering from St. Mary’s University. During his time at St. Mary’s, he designed and built a solar-powered disaster relief trailer which fueled his excitement for solar. Supratim then attended the University of Texas at San Antonio to earn a Master’s in Electrical Engineering where he met co-founder Jaro, and together they researched new solar technologies. While attending graduate school, Supratim began his formal career in solar energy providing engineering and operations services to a residential and commercial solar developer. Over the last decade and a half in renewable energy, Supratim has worked his way up from engineering to leadership and CEO positions in firms that have helped bring solar energy to thousands of Texans over the years. When Supratim is not in the office leading the solar revolution, he enjoys spending time with his 2-year-old son and his wife, whose support never wavers.
Portrait of Supratim Srinivasan.

Jaro Nummikoski


Jaro Nummikoski is a trailblazer, whose unique background and desire to build a better future combine and shine at Atma Energy. A Bachelor’s in Finance from Texas State University taught him to manage the cost and benefit of any solution and the financial industry experience he gained after graduating has been a driving force throughout his career. Jaro went back to school and earned a Masters's in Engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio, which taught him a disciplined, systems-based approach to solving problems and ignited his passion for science and innovation in renewable energy. With that blend of financial and technical knowledge, Jaro started quickly rising through the ranks at a nationwide solar development and EPC company. More recently, Jaro held a strategic role at the nation’s largest municipally owned energy company lending support in electric vehicle, solar, and energy storage strategic deployments. He’s published papers on solar technology in scientific journals and has over 25 years of experience in financial analysis. He and his wife have two children and a dog, and he’s a lifelong Spurs fan.
A portrait of Jaro Nummikoski.